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The Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis Home Delivery

Pizza delivery right to your home has been a thing for as long as most of us can remember. Ditto for flower delivery. It turns out you can now get cannabis delivered right to your door if you live in one of the three dozen states that have legalized recreational and medical cannabis use. You might not get milk delivered to your home anymore, but you can get marijuana.

It is strange to think that a substance still illegal under federal law is freely available for sale in so many states. It is even more bizarre that companies are willing to take their chances and offer home delivery despite the fact that Washington could, at its discretion, close them down and throw their owners in prison.

In Utah, cannabis is limited to medical use only. Patients can get their medical cannabis delivered right to their homes regardless of where in the state they live. Indeed, Utah is an excellent example to illustrate the top five benefits of cannabis home delivery.

1. Greater Access

Utah is a largely rural state. Therefore, a lot of the state’s medical cannabis patients do not live anywhere near a state-licensed pharmacy. It is not unusual for rural patients to have to drive an hour or more to get their medicines. Home delivery changes that. It provides greater access by allowing pharmacies to go to their patients instead of forcing them to drive into the city.

Beehive Farmacy is one of only fourteen licensed medical cannabis pharmacies in Utah. They say home delivery is exactly what the state needed to guarantee equal access to all medical cannabis patients living within its borders.

2. Greater Convenience

The main appeal of home delivery is convenience. It is more convenient to have the pizza shop deliver than having to hop in the car and drive to them. The same is true for your groceries, bottled water, and diapers. So why not enjoy the convenience of medical cannabis home delivery, too?

3. More Legal Transactions

The states tend to have very strict rules for how cannabis products are bought and sold. Even in states where recreational use is approved for adults over the age of twenty-one, dispensaries have to follow the rules. So do their customers. In light of that, another benefit of home delivery is encouraging more legal transactions.

For example, patients in Utah no longer have to travel out of state to buy. They can now legally purchase their medicines in-state and arrange for home delivery.

4. Larger Markets

Obviously, initiating home delivery significantly opens up markets to competition. Some pharmacies and dispensaries will be content to compete in their local areas only. Others might want to compete statewide, regionally, or even nationally. Home delivery gives companies that option. Beehive Farmacy only has two brick-and-mortar locations – one in Salt Lake City and the other Brigham City. But with statewide home delivery, their potential reach is much greater.

5. More Employment Opportunities

Cannabis home delivery creates jobs. That’s a good thing no matter where you live. A delivery company willing to come in and set up shop is also willing to hire local drivers ready to work. And right now, there is no shortage of work. In some states, delivery companies cannot keep up with demand.

We should expect medical cannabis home delivery to continue going strong for the foreseeable future. Unless Washington does something to shut the entire industry down – and that is not likely – home delivery market is going to continue growing. Look to see plenty of entrepreneurs getting into the delivery game over the next several years.

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