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Common Myths And Facts About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

About laser hair removal treatment

Many people who were dissatisfied with the amount of hair on their bodies have had their lives transformed through laser hair removal. Despite the fact that hair is one of the body’s most natural growths, the stigma associated with having hair where it shouldn’t be, may be quite embarrassing.

Laser Hair Removal is the quickest, safest, and most comfortable kind of hair removal accessible today, yet there are numerous fallacies that prevent people from getting it done.

Common myths about laser hair removal procedure

Following are some laser hair removal myths:

  • Laser hair removal isn’t a long-term solution

To inhibit hair growth, laser hair removal stimulates and disables your hair follicles. In most circumstances, once a follicle is damaged, there will be no more hair growth. The only exception is where hormones induce women to develop facial hair. Based on your specific needs, we can help you assess whether laser hair removal can provide you with permanent results.

  • Laser hair removal is painful 

Laser hair removal treatment is performed using a hair removal machine equipped with cutting-edge technology. These devices include built-in cooling systems that are meant for your comfort, so you only feel light sensations such as heated pinpricks or frigid temperatures. If you have sensitive skin, we can use a topical anesthetic before your treatment to alleviate any discomfort.

  • Laser hair removal is only effective if you really have fair skin 

Contrary to popular opinion, laser hair removal can be used on people of all skin kinds and tones. The most important component in removing unwanted hair is the amount of contrast between your skin and hair color. As a result, if you already have dark hair, laser removal may produce even better results.

Common facts about laser hair removal procedure

Here are some basic laser hair removal facts:

  • Scarring doesn’t result from laser hair removal

There is always a tiny possibility that any laser therapy will result in scarring, which is noted on our consent forms that are signed prior to laser treatment. However, the risk of scarring from laser hair removal is relatively low and depends on a variety of factors such as the clinician performing the laser hair removal’s experience, skill, knowledge, and training, your specific ability to heal, the amount of pigment in your skin (with darker skin types being at greater risk), and the type of laser used.

  • The outcomes of laser hair removal are NOT immediate

Hair follicles have a three-stage life cycle. They develop a new shaft of hair during the growth cycle. They then rest before entering the third stage, which indicates that fresh hair development should resume. Only during the development stage of the cycle may a hair follicle be disabled. Because the hair follicles on your body go through this life cycle at different times, numerous treatments are required to catch them all during the growth stage.

  • Ingrown hairs are NOT caused by laser hair removal

In fact, the polar opposite! Ingrown hairs are prevalent after shaving and waxing, but not after laser hair removal. In reality, the best laser hair removal reduces the risks of having ingrown hairs greatly since it eliminates the hair follicle, effectively removing the ingrown hair.


Before you create any particular perspective for the laser hair removal procedure, do proper research don’t believe in rubbish myths that are in the air. We hope this article could help you anyhow and if you consider laser hair removal, we wish you all the best.

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