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4 Different Ways To Administer Insulin

Insulin is created by the pancreas and is an important hormone that enables the smooth flow of glucose into the muscles, fat and liver. The glucose is then used as a source of energy by these organs. The bodies of patients suffering from diabetes are unable to create insulin which makes it necessary to inject it by other means. There are many different ways to inject insulin and some of these are mentioned below.

Needles and syringes

Needles and bd insulin syringes are amongst the most common ways of injecting insulin. The syringe is first filled with insulin, which is then injected into the fat or tissue just beneath the skin of the patient. The process is very easy and it is not necessary to take the assistance of medical personnel or a member of the household. The insulin can be administered by the patients themselves. Nevertheless you need to be careful when inserting the syringe into your body.


An insulin pen is quite similar to a syringe as both have a needle at the top. But unlike a syringe which requires the vial to be manually filled, a pen has a built-in cartridge which already contains the liquid. Though much easier to use than a syringe, you need to be aware of the method of injecting the insulin. You can choose either the disposable insulin pens or the reusable ones. In the former the entire pen is discarded after use, while in the latter, only the cartridge is replaced.

Jet Injector

A jet injector is a much better option for those intimidated by needles and syringes. In a jet injector, pressure is applied to inject a spray or dose of insulin into a part of the skin. These are highly efficient devices and are available in both varieties – disposable and reusable. But they are much more expensive that a syringe or pen.


A pump is a small instrument which is specially beneficial for those patients who have to take regular insulin shots all through the day. The pump is fixed to a catheter and the needle is placed in the patient’s abdomen or any other suitable area. This arrangement allows the smooth flow of insulin into the patient’s body. Though a pump is also very effective, it is not easy to use. The patient will require some form of training to use this instrument.

There are various ways to administer insulin and each of these is unique and effective. Some of the instruments will be expensive and not easy to use. So you should choose the right instrument based upon your needs and preferences and after consultations with your doctor. Many of these instruments are easily available at medical stores or at online sites like Smart Medical Buyer, which supplies high-quality medical and surgical equipment at affordable prices like bd insulin pen needles, and various other products.

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