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At DRSS we offer our clientele the very
best care regarding general health, pediatrics, gynecology, and homeopathy. With
friendly receptionists, nurses and doctors that are committed to the health of
their patients. We offer care to individuals, children, and families that are
experiencing a range of illness and afflictions. 

For new clientele, simply fill out the
form on our contact page and we will get in touch to provide you with all the
information that you will require for your initial visit. Just be sure to
mention whether you are looking to see a general health care professional, a
gynecologist, dietician or pediatrician. 

Our homeopathy solutions are also an
option for those seeking to avoid traditional medicines and we have a
specialist that is enthusiastic about offering alternative solutions to
traditional illnesses and afflictions.   


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We provide specialist advice for people who may be dealing with a wide range of diseases and medical afflictions. 

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For those seeking help identifying potential illnesses, we provide the opportunity to converse with our staff via an email health support network. 

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Have you any questions for us regarding the services that we provide. Contact us, or read our FAQ section for information that may be of interest. 

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We offer articles relating to the latest in medical news for the benefit of our website visitors. 

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