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How Can I Choose a Good Supplement Brand?

When purchasing supplements, you may feel overwhelmed by the numerous brands out there, from douglas laboratories to Nordic Naturals, among other brands from stores like Supplement First!

With all these brands that offer similar vitamins and nutrients, which is best to invest in? Here’s an informative guide on how to select a reputable supplement brand.

  1. They test for contamination

Brands and manufacturers need to test the raw and finished materials to check for contaminants like bacteria, heavy metals, mold, pesticides, or the wrong plant species. This prevents any form of contamination in their products, ensuring your safety.

  1. Read the label

Research shows that some products might have more or less of an ingredient compared to what is on their label. This makes them less effective than the product’s claims. Other times, there are too many nutrients than what’s on the label, resulting in vitamin and mineral toxicity.

Quality companies will test their final products to ensure that their ingredients and their amounts are accurate.

Besides that, focus on brands that use absorbable and more effective forms of nutrients. You can read the labels of their products or research their brand to see if their ingredients are as high-quality as they state.

  1. Brands that don’t use fillers

Fillers might have allergens or decrease supplement absorption, making it a waste of money. Reputable brands and manufacturers would minimize the use of fillers or at least use hypoallergenic ones for their product’s safety and effectiveness.

  1. Check for the expiration date

Brands and manufacturers like douglas labs are transparent with their ingredients, tests they conduct, and especially the expiration date. Supplements may lose their potency or spoil over time, so you’ll want to know when it was manufactured and when it’s best to use.

For instance, fish oils may spoil and shouldn’t be taken after the expiry date, leading to side effects.

  1. Do they follow sustainable practices?

Reputable companies will use good harvesting practices and local, sustainable agriculture. They would not use endangered or threatened plants to create their products or exploit workers who help make the final product.

Conduct research to see if they comply with the local and national laws and make sure that the company you choose is ethical.

  1. Check genuine reviews

A great way to get a gist of how the company and its products are is through customer reviews. You can ask for referrals and recommendations from your doctor and loved ones who take supplements.

Furthermore, you can check reviews online from real customers, whether it’s through social media, forum websites, or the brand’s website itself. The more positive the reviews, the better! Don’t go for brands that have no reviews or with more negative than positive reviews.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know how to select the best supplements brand for your nutritional needs, keep this in mind as you narrow down your options. Good luck!

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