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Five Great Reasons to Become a Nurse

Everybody wants to have a job that makes them happy and also provides job satisfaction. Working as a nurse is a great way to enjoy both of these qualities, and more!

Nursing has always been popular as a career choice. However, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, interest in nursing has increased all around the world. And, as the global health crisis has continued, more and more people have been signing up to join the healthcare profession.

If you have been thinking about a change of career, or perhaps even what your first career might be, then you might find yourself drawn to nursing. For many people, this feels like a very natural calling and they already know for sure that this is a job that they want to do. For others, it is not so straightforward, and it can be very helpful to be equipped with all the right information.

Why Nursing?

As a nurse, you will enjoy an incredibly rewarding career that allows you to see the impact of your efforts on a daily basis. You will be financially rewarded for this work and you will have a clear path of progression up the career ladder, especially if you pursue further education with the wide range of graduate healthcare programs available.

If you would like to find out more about why nursing is such a fantastic choice, then you can read on to discover all you need to know!

  1. Making a Difference

When you can truly make a difference with your work, then you will naturally have a positive outlook in all areas of your life. Being able to go to work and help people every single day will be such a wonderful way to enjoy your career.

You will form strong bonds with your patients and with your co-workers, and you will genuinely look forward to going into work each day.

Being able to follow the journey that your patients take to overcome their health issues can be very satisfying for you as a nurse. You will be able to see first-hand how your decisions and your actions influence the health outcomes of your patients.

  1. An Exciting Variety of Work

No two days will be the same when you work in nursing. With such a wide selection of different areas to specialize in, there is so much to learn and to understand.

Every single patient that you interact with and treat will be an entirely new experience. This means your work will never become monotonous or dull.

You will surely find that you learn new information with each and every patient that you encounter, and that this in turn helps you to feel excited to go to work every day.

  1. Access to Jobs

With such a high demand for healthcare all around the world, there is often a nursing shortage in many places. This is even true throughout the United States, where the number of registered nurses is relatively high.

Although a nursing shortage is not always good news for those who strive to hire staff at healthcare facilities, it does mean that the job market is not overly competitive for those who are looking for work in nursing.

It is to be expected that you will be able to secure a relevant job upon completion of your studies. It is also the case that you will have plenty of amazing opportunities to progress into more senior roles when the time is right for you to move up  the career ladder.

  1. Competitive Salary

Due in part to the nursing shortage, you can expect a very favorable wage when you work as a nurse. In fact, there are many great incentives in place to encourage people to remain within the profession, such as ample holiday time and exciting employee benefits.

The average base salary for a registered nurse in the United States is $36.76 per hour. The average nurse also earns approximately $11,000 in overtime every year, on top of their basic salary. This means that you generally have the chance to boost your salary by taking overtime should you wish to do so.

Registered nurses with more than a decade of experience can expect to make at least $43.42 per hour.

Once you reach the height of your career as a nursing professional, it is possible that you could be on a very desirable six-figure salary.

  1. Professional Development Opportunities

As a nurse, you will continuously be receiving training at work. This is both to bolster your existing knowledge and to teach you new skills.

You will have the option to progress into more senior nursing roles after your first few years on the job. Undergoing regular professional development opportunities will help to prepare you for roles with greater levels of responsibility.

When considering your options for progression, you might find that you want to transition into roles such as nurse practitioner, or to become a nurse anesthetist. It is not uncommon that after several years in the job, that nurses progress to become educators instead of continuing to work directly with patients. This is a wonderful way to use your knowledge and experience to prepare the upcoming generation of aspiring nurses.

How to Become a Nurse

If you have enjoyed reading these five great reasons to become a nurse, then you may find that you are now eager to enter the industry.

The very first step will be to enroll on a bachelor’s degree course that is relevant to the field of nursing, such as a bachelor of science in nursing. Once you have qualified with your degree, then you can obtain a nursing license and begin building your career!

As you continue through your career journey as a nurse, it is a good idea to always keep your reasons for entering the profession firmly in your mind. If you have a strong desire to help people, or to focus on a particular area of healthcare, then remind yourself of this often. It can be easy to lose track of your personal connection to nursing as you become immersed in the profession, but maintaining your focus will help to keep you inspired and enthusiastic.

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