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Sanitizing Tips for All Your Beauty Tools

Honestly, think about the last time you cleaned each of your beauty tools. If you can’t immediately remember, it’s probably been too long. Proper sanitization can remove bacteria and product build-up from your tools to extend their useful life. There are cleaning tips for each item you use.

Manicure Tools

Ideally, manicure tools should be cleaned after each use. Whether you get manicures at the salon or do it yourself at home, proper sanitization is vital. An autoclave nail salon will quickly, effortlessly, and effectively clean your tools. If an autoclave isn’t in the cards for you, there are other options. You should scrub metal tools with a brush and antibacterial soap. Use rubbing alcohol to kill any bacteria remaining on your metal tools and to wipe your plastic tools.

Makeup Brushes

Personal makeup brushes should be cleaned weekly. An effective method is to place warm water in a bowl with a special brush cleaner. In place of the cleaner, you can use a gentle soap. Place your brush’s bristles into the water mixture and swirl the brush around for at least a minute. Rinse the soap out in a bowl of fresh water before laying your brush out to dry.

Beauty Blenders

Your beauty blender should be cleaned as often as your makeup brushes. You wet your makeup sponge and massage in a gentle soap. Heavy amounts of product can build in your blender, so take your time. Focus on the thickest build-up. Once you’ve loosened all the foundation and concealer, rinse the blender under running water. You can squeeze it under the water to help wash old makeup and soap away. Use a fresh towel to remove excess water before laying your blender out to dry.


You should clean your hairbrush every one to three weeks. If you have heavy hair loss or regularly use styling products, you should be on the shorter end of the cleaning schedule. To clean your brush, start by removing loose hair with your hands, a comb, or scissors. Shampoo is the best option for a cleaner. You can dilute a few drops in warm water and swish your brush around. Be careful not to submerge wooden-handled brushes. After you rinse the shampoo out, lay your brush bristles down to dry.

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers should be wiped after each use and sanitized every two weeks. The best method is to soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Carefully wipe every service, including under the rubber pad. Because the curler touches your eyes, it’s safest to rinse the alcohol off with water. Be sure to dry your curler with a clean towel or blow dryer to prevent rust.

Hair Dryers

Your hair dryer should be cleaned as often as your hairbrush. Unplug the dryer before you attempt to clean it. Most units have a removable cover over the filter. You need to remove the filter and rinse it under warm, running water. Do not put the filter back in until it has dried completely. If you can’t remove the filter, use a small brush to remove the build-up. Wipe any overspray off the exterior of your dryer with a damp towel.

Flat Irons

Believe it or not, it is recommended to clean your flat iron once a month. Heat protectants, hair sprays, and dry shampoos can all collect on the plates. Warm your iron up before unplugging it. You need to gently wipe the heated plates with a damp towel.

Every tool that is part of your beauty routine should be regularly cleaned and sanitized. Your hair, skin, nails, and tools will all thank you.

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