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Best 6 Home Remedies for Back Pain Relief

Back pain can be debilitating and painful and affects a significant percentage of people globally. It shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying your everyday chores, though! Although there are situations when only a doctor can help out, you also have a role in promoting your wellness. Why not try out the different home remedies for back pain relief?


Check out practical ideas to guide you:


1. Choose proper sleep position


If you lack sleep, you’ll find it hard to deal with pain. Similarly, if you suffer from chronic back pain, you may often suffer from sleep disturbances. To avoid this, choose the most suitable sleep position. For instance, sleep on your sides with a pillow in between your legs. This way, you cushion your spine, thus promoting a more peaceful rest. What if this doesn’t work? Don’t fret; contact Chee Gap Kim, M.D pain therapy clinic, for further examination.


2. Limit bed rest


You may be tempted to stay in bed most of the time when experiencing back pain, but this isn’t right. Any professional doctor will tell you to keep moving! By so doing, you ease muscle stiffness and relieve the pain. If you’re experiencing severe back pain, you may have issues walking around, but limit your rest to a few hours at a time.


3. Exercise- But be gentle!


Exercising is an excellent way of dealing with pain. If your back pain doesn’t seem to go away, try gentle exercises. Also, stretch often, and this makes your muscles more flexible and eases pain. By not exercising enough, your muscles weaken, and this may result in certain types of back pain. For excellent results, begin with short walks, and introduce more rigorous exercises over time.


4. Shed those pounds!


Kim Pain relief and therapy center employs various procedures to alleviate back, joint, knee, and shoulder pain. However, this works best if you maintain healthy body weight. By losing the excess weight, you ease the stress and load on your back, allowing the pain to go away.



 What’s more? Losing weight lessens the mechanical force on your spine. Talk to your doctor, and they will recommend the best exercises for weight loss. That’s not all! Maintain a good posture; it eases pressure on your lower back and aligns your spine.


5. Quit smoking


The nicotine in cigarettes and tobacco products can deplete vital nutrients for your spongy disks, thus weakening your spine. Avoid cigarettes and enjoy a healthier back with minimal risk of back pain.


6. Cold& heat therapies


Ice packs can minimize pain and, numb the area and reduce swelling. Cold compress is ideal immediately after the onset of the pain of back injury. Warm compress also works! It soothes and relaxes the muscles and also boosts blood flow which accelerates the healing process. 


The bottom line


 Managing back pain at home can be complicated. The pain may result from various factors, and some strategies may not work for some patients. However, when you know how to deal with the problem, managing back pain at home becomes a lot easier. Still, you should seek medical help for further examination.



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