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Signs of a crystal meth addict

Crystal meth, A nasty life changing drug that is being passed around in our neighborhoods like candy. You might know someone who is actively using crystal meth. You might have seen someone on the street that looked like they were on it. Or you might be suspecting that someone is on it. So how can you tell that someone is using crystal meth? And what can you do to help them before it is too late? Below we are going to describe what it might look like if someone is using crystal meth. 

What is crystal meth?

Crystal meth is a man made drug that affects the central nervous system. It often is made with chemicals that you would find under your sink such as rat poison. It is derived from amphetamines but unlike amphetamines that are legal with a dr’s prescription there is no legal use for crystal meth.

What are some signs of a crystal meth users

Over time you will be able to definitely tell someone is using crystal meth. The changes it takes on a person are monumental. 

  • Looking tired- Crystal meth inhibits the user to be able to sleep, oftentimes staying up for 4 to 5 days at a time you definitely will start noticing that they haven’t slept. Sleeping is important for your brain. Lack of sleep can cause you to hallucinate, or to be irritable.
  • Rapid weight loss- Because crystal meth cuts out your appetite you can go days without eating. Now this is extremely dangerous, because our body relies on food for survival and a lack of it can throw it into shock. People have been known to use crystal meth as a form of dieting. The problem is this kind of diet is not healthy. Your body still needs food to burn. Starving yourself is not the answer.
  • Psychosis- A lot of crystal meth addicts experience psychosis from using. This is because the chemicals of the crystal meth have messed up their brain. A psychosis can look like someone thinking that they are being followed, seeing things that are not there, having irrational thoughts. Psychosis is extremely dangerous, because sometimes a person can not differentiate what is real and what is just their imagination. If you suspect someone is in psychosis it is best to check them into a hospital.
  • Irrational thoughts and ideas- Sometimes a crystal meth addict will do or say outlandish things. This is due to the damage this drug has done to their brain. If you notice that someone is acting out or acting differently it is important that you talk to them and try to figure out what is going on.
  • Pick marks on face- For some crystal meth addicts you might notice that they have pick marks on their face. Sometimes crystal meth can cause you to want to pick your skin because you feel like you have something crawling in your skin. This is extremely dangerous, because you can cause infection and permanent scarring.

Now what do you do?

If you suspect that your loved one or friend is in the midst of a crystal meth addiction, it is important that you try and talk to them but calmly. Oftentimes when an addict feels threatened they will run or get extremely upset. You might want to suggest going to a treatment facility or going to a 12 step meeting. The most important thing to remember is that an addict will not get help unless they are ready. And as awful as that sounds it’s just the truth. Explain to them what they are risking by using crystal meth. But being there for that person is the most important thing that you can do. 

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