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The Different Ways You Can Consume CBD Oil

Scientists are hailing CBD oil as a wonder drug that you can use to treat many different medical conditions, and there is plenty of research looking at the benefits this has for people. There is evidence that it can help deal with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, treating side effects from chemotherapy, heart disease, and many more medical problems. If you are interested in trying CBD oil to see if it can help with your medical condition, there are various ways that you can take this remarkable substance. Below are some of the ways you can consume CBD oil, which may help you start feeling great in no time.

Vaping CBD Oil

If you use a vape, you can get CBD e-liquid which you can use with your vaping device to get the medical benefits of CBD oil. You can vape the CBD e-liquid directly, or you can mix it with your preferred flavour, and it can have a wide variety of benefits for your health. However, it is not the most efficient way of getting CBD into your system, and if you have an acute problem, you may wish to try other ways which give you a higher dose into your system quickly.

CBD Tinctures

A popular method of consuming CBD oil is using a tincture and placing drops of the oil underneath your tongue. It is one of the quickest ways to get CBD into your body and is absorbed by the capillaries under the tongue. You will want to place a drop or two under the tongue and hold it there for around a minute before you swallow, and you may need to experiment with your dosage until you get it right.

CBD Capsules

You can also get capsules containing CBD that you swallow in the usual manner, which is suitable for some people. However, one drawback of this way of taking CBD is that you cannot change the dose easily, and if you want to take more, you will have to double your dosage by taking another capsule. You also find that it is not as effective when you ingest CBD and takes longer to take effect as it is absorbed through the gut, taking longer to get into your bloodstream.

Eat Or Drink CBD Oil

Although it is less effective and takes longer to work, eating and drinking CBD oil is a highly popular method of consumption. There are foods and drinks that you can purchase which contain CBD, and you can also purchase CBD oil and make food or drinks with it by yourself. You can add it to a cup of coffee, in a smoothie or milkshake, or a popular method to consume it is in a brownie or cake.

CBD Cream

If you are taking CBD for pain relief, it is popular to opt for a CBD cream to apply directly to the problem area. As with ingesting CBD, it is not as effective as other methods, but it can get the oil exactly where it is needed. There are many topical creams available containing CBD in various doses so that you can experiment until finding one that is effective for your medical condition.

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