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Why Healthy Blood Sugar Matters

Your blood sugar level matters!

Have you ever experienced severe mood swings, hanger or intense fatigue? Chances are, it has quite a bit to do with your blood sugar levels.

In short, your blood sugar levels dictate how much glucose your blood is getting. This in turn determines how functional your body is. It impacts how your cells operate your tissues repair themselves and how your blood circulates in your body.

This is an important thing to focus on, especially if you take medication for diabetes.

Even explains that in order for your medication to work positively in your body, you need to have a balance of good nutrients to ensure that the medicine works.

Often, you can ensure glucose reaches your bloodstream by eating foods that have lots of grains or selecting colorful fruits that taste really good as an added bonus!

But you should care about your blood sugar levels for a whole heap of reasons. Here are a few of the key ones that you should be paying attention to.

  1.     You are at risk of depriving your body of insulin

If your body can not get enough insulin, your internal tissues will not be able to use the glucose it is being sent. If this happens, then the sugar will get stuck in your blood—which is not good at all! In fact, this is the reason that many people develop diabetes, because glucose is not being processed correctly.

  1.     Your organs are at risk

We aren’t being dramatic when we say that your internal organs are at risk if your blood sugar levels are not at a healthy level. This means that you could be seriously damaging your kidneys, eyes and internal nervous system! Goodness knows it won’t be pretty if any of these organs get damaged!

  1.     Your cells won’t get the oxegyn it needs

If your bloodstream is clogged with sugars, you are blocking oxegyn from reaching your blood cells. Blood cells are actually really important because  they provide your body with the ability to feel energized, protect your immune system, and create future growth and reproduction of all the good and healthy cells. If your body is not getting oxegyn to these cells, you will seriously compromise your health!

  1.     You could get hyperglycemia

This is an issue that plagues way too many people .It happens from a combination of health issues that is capped off with abnormal blood sugar levels. When you are experiencing this, you constantly have high blood sugar levels which can leave you feeling hungry all the time! But unfortunately, it also leaves us craving foods that are not that great for us, ones that are really heave with carbs, sugars and starches.

  1.     You will feel dehydrated

When you have too much sugar in your bloodstream, your other organs go into literal overdrive to try to counter this harmful situation. That means that your kidneys will be going into overdrive to try to get rid of all that sugar. But when our organs such as our kidneys work that hard, we max out the water in our body as well. This means we will suffer from dehydration that will leave us feeling really parches, tired and even sick.

  1.     You won’t have the energy you need

If you don’t have the right amount of energy it is near impossible to stay motivated in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means that you are then putting your health at risk because you will likely not be getting the exercise and movement your body requires, you won’t be making the effort to eat well-balanced and nutritious meals and you probably won’t be sleeping the way you should. These three factors play an important role in allowing us to live a healthy life.

  1.     Your medication might not work the same

If you don’t have healthy blood sugar levels, there is the chance that your medication you take might not work properly. When your medication is not in balance with the nutrients in your body, you are at risk of negative side effects occurring. Medicine is essential to keeping many of us healthy. So if it is not able to do the job it was designed to do, it could be quite worrisome and  even disastrous for the long term health. Our blood sugar levels need to be optimal to allow oxygen to flow through the body, our organs to work properly, the vitamins and minerals we feed ourselves to work beneficially and for us to overall feel good.

Our blood sugar levels are important for a range of reasons. This includes ensuring our insulin stays in check, our organs do not go into overdrive, we do not dehydrate the body, we feel energized to make healthy choices and the medicine we take works properly.

There are a range of health products out there that are designed to help us manage blood sugar levels and help our body find balance between the medication we take and the health outcomes we need. 

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