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Different Types of Pregnancy Tests That Are Commonly Used

Situations can happen that a couple must be trying so hard to be parents but don’t have the source to understand well then it is their lack of knowledge. Because with a Pregnancy Test, the couple can understand if they need further assistance or are on their way to being parents soon.

Know different types of pregnancy tests

Urine Tests and Blood tests are the two crucial types of tests that are being done. Usually, a urine test can be done at home without anyone’s assistance. It can also give a quick answer on all possible symptoms that a woman must be going through. Urine tests further don’t need any assistance to get it done but a blood test can only be done with the help of an expert and hence, understanding both types is important.

Urine test for pregnancy

Also called the at-home Pregnancy Test, this type of test uses Urine to see the presence of hCG in the body. As per most of the brands, such a type of test is 99% effective if they are used in the right manner. This means the chances of its accuracy are high but to increase its efficiency, even more, it is advised to visit the doctor’s clinic. Such test is available at grocery stores and even pharmacies easily since it does not require any kind of prescription. Since it can take different times as per the brand, one must go through all the instructions that are given.

While opting for such a urine test, the person must place one or many drips of the urine on the commercial strip which comes in a small box. The strip has especially been designed for detecting the hCG. The hCG can be detected usually through these tests if present in urine or not after 10 days once the conception is done. But those who have missed the periods can take it as it lessens down the chances to get any false-negative test.

Blood test

This is another type of Pregnancy Test that is usually used and over the urine test, it is the most effective one. However, it is not commonly done since it is expensive and of course, would give the same result as that of the urine test. Such a test is usually done with the small blood samples that are analyzed at the hospital. The test not just detects whether the hormone of the pregnancy is present in the body but also helps in understanding how many levels of the hormone are present.

This type of test is however advised to be done only in certain scenarios. Considering the women who have infertility treatments going on, doctors’ advice needs to be taken at every step as such tests are usually done to diagnose the problem if there is any.


Simply while anticipating pregnancy there are so many emotions that come and those are of course with good reason. Life will be having a huge change for both the partners and that is why choosing a reliable test is highly advised.

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