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Could This Be The New Booze Free You?

What would life be like without alcohol? Alcohol is a means of enjoyment for many of us. Alcohol has long been associated with enjoyment, whether it’s a beer on the porch on warm summer days or wine to accompany romantic feasts. People are urged to drink by flashy advertisements, which create the impression that drinking is cool or hip, whereas the reality is, alcohol a drug and causes more trouble than most people realise. Here are some reasons why leaving the drink alone will improve your life.


Drinkers may realize that they are unable to reduce weight successfully. This is due to the fact that alcohol contains empty calories, which the body stores as fat. Consumption of alcohol has no nutritional value. It can cause serious weight management issues, especially if you are a binge drinker.

However, you can avoid these empty calories if you stop drinking, a hard task but search for IAMACOMEBACK and you will find some people happy to help.

The metabolism of your body returns to normal, and your workouts become more effective. This suggests your energy levels are in sync with the time of day. You’ll notice that you have a lot of energy during the day and get a lot of rest at night. You will appear and feel healthier as a result of this.

Reduced risk of disease

Alcohol is linked to approximately 60 diseases, increasing your chances of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive issues. Currently, alcohol is categorized as a group 1 carcinogen. Consuming alcohol causes brain shrinkage, which has been linked to dementia in later life. It disrupts the neurological system, increasing the risk of strokes and cardiac arrest.

If you stop drinking, on the other hand, you will notice a significant improvement in your liver function, blood composition, and immune system within a few weeks. You might also notice that you’re less prone to catching a cold or other infectious ailments. If you’ve been physically harmed, drinking can make the healing process take longer. By stopping, you are ensuring that your body is capable of coping with the pain. You may also notice an increase in your fertility.

Better sex life

Alcohol is commonly connected with sex, with the idea that it facilitates sexual relations. However, it has the potential to make sex less pleasurable. While alcohol increases libido, it also makes it more difficult to act on it. Another advantage of staying sober is that you are less likely to make risky sexual decisions. This implies you’ll be better protected against sexually transmitted diseases.

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