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Things they don’t tell you about hair transplant

Have you thought about having a hair surgery? That’s awesome.  You have been losing your hair for a while, and now more of your scalp is visible, and you want full hair back.  When you look so desperate, that’s when the greedy charlatans take advantage of you.

Unscrupulous clinics have crafted a way of selling hair, and therefore they craft a romantic story to try and win you. They will tell you how it’s a low pain and minimal-scarring procedure it is. When you meet such, take your time and seek advice from a trusted expert.

Continue reading and find out some of the things they won’t tell you.

Surgery is a last resort.

You may have heard that hair transplant surgery is the Holy Grail of hair loss treatment. As accurate as that statement may be, there are so many other therapies that you can undergo before you have the hair transplant. Some other proven procedures like Finasteride and Minoxidil deliver excellent results and answer thinning or receding hair.

After you’ve had such procedures, you can now comfortably have a hair transplant as a last result. That gives you some assurance that it’s the final result.

You may have more than one hair transplant.         

Thinning or balding takes a pattern, and sometimes you may go through hair transplant surgery only to realize that you continue to lose hair even after. That means you may need to book for a second hair transplant, which can happen after a few years. That’s why you need to consult with your doctor when you notice signs of hair loss. They’ll monitor the loss pattern and progressively take you through sessions before they settle for a surgery.

When you’ve walked closely with the specialist, the chances are that you’re going to have only a single surgery, and in the unlikely event that you need to have it done, and then it will be a deserving one.

After the first surgery, patients realize how easy and non-invasive it is and therefore want to further improve their hair with a few tweaks and touch-ups.

Hair transplant isn’t a cure.

It may look like bad news, but you’d better hear the correct information on hair transplants. It’s a fallacy for one to think that hair transplant surgery is a cure for hair loss. It isn’t a cure but a corrective procedure that needs to be done carefully. That’s why you should go through medication for at least 12 months before the surgery so that the specialist can monitor the male pattern baldness. Taking time ensures that hair loss stabilizes and thus avoid shock loss which may bring unfortunate outcome.

Hair transplant isn’t cheap.

You may have heard from some ‘by-the-roadside quacks that hair transplant surgery is cheap. It is only cheap if you’re doing it with an unqualified professional. Don’t allow anyone to seduce you to a free consultation or give you some rebate coupon or some limited time offer. You’d rather take time and look for money then get a qualified specialist to provide you with quality service.

Do not rush into going through a hair surgery. You need to take time, do your research, and get a reputable medical practitioner to give you good service.

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