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Thing to be kept in mind before purchasing a slow juicer

The summer season calls for cold coffees and tasty ice creams. But fruit juices and smoothies are something that cannot be ignored at all. When it comes to making ice creams, cold coffee, smoothies, and fruit juices, one always looks for the best equipment, and a slow juicer is something that stands first on the list.

This article aims to focus on various aspects related to a slow juicer and how it functions.

What is a slow juicer?

Also known as a Cold Press juicer, a slow juicer is something that helps to extract pulp from fruits and vegetables. As the name suggests, a slow juicer is a piece of equipment that squeezes the best nutrients from vegetables and fruits slowly, fewer rounds per minute. The best part about a slow juicer is that it holds the essential nutrients while squeezing, making them stand out from fast juicers.

Advantages and disadvantages of a slow juicer

The following points will throw light on some of the advantages and disadvantages of a slow juicer


  1. The most important advantage of a slow juicer is that it extracts nutrients or pulp from fruits and vegetables with very low oxidation.
  1. Slow juicers are also capable of extracting juice from frozen fruits and vegetables as well.
  1. Another important advantage of a slow juicer is that it not only helps in making juices but can also be used to make nut milk, milkshakes, and baby food as well.

Things to be kept in mind while buying a slow juicer

Although slow juicers have a lot of advantages, there are some things to be kept in mind while buying the best one from the market-

  1. Choose a Juicer with fewer parts-

Try to buy a juicer having fewer parts. This will help to clean it with ease.

  1. Choose juicers that offer all the qualities at an affordable price –

When choosing a slow juicer one needs to make sure that the juicer is both on budget plus have all the required features in it. But if one wants to use the juicer daily then one must go for an expensive model which will be more long-lasting.

  1. Choose a juicer that is compact in size-

As discussed before, the worst part of slow juicers is that they are pretty large in size. Try to find a slow juicer that is a bit compact so that it takes a bit less space in the kitchen.

  1. Choose a juicer that makes less noise-

All those slow juicers make a lot of noise while grinding, so try to find juicers that make comparatively less noise. This will save individuals from having irritation while making juice.


In a nutshell, a slow juicer is equipment that is a blend of a lot of advantages and some disadvantages. Just keep the above mentioned things in mind before purchasing the juicer and enjoy some great pulpy, smooth juices this summer.

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