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How to Reduce Stress in 10 Easy Ways

We all get worried and upset from time to time. Traffic jams, beating deadlines ━ these things are inevitable. Stress and anxiety are part of normal life. However, if we let anxiety and stress take over, then we are certainly jeopardizing not only our health but our relationships with others as well.

Trying to stay calm is easier said than done. The more we tell ourselves to relax, the more we grow anxious. Nonetheless, getting into a relaxed zone is achievable. Here are some proven stress reduction techniques you could try. In fact, most of them are something you are familiar with.

Drink Some Green Tea

Drinking green tea helps reduce stress as this herbal tonic releases L-Theanine. This amino acid commonly found on tea leaves helps reduce stress. Furthermore, the green-colored liquid on your mug helps you calm down, thanks to the earthy color’s relaxing ability.

Chill With a Piece of Chocolate

The next time you feel stressed out, remember that a square piece of dark chocolate helps reduce stress while boosting your brain’s functioning. Furthermore, since dark chocolate has lower sugar content than milk chocolate, you would not feel guilty indulging in this sweet treat.


You do not need to go on a week-long silent retreat to Southeast Asia to find some serenity. It does not mean as well that you have to completely clear your mind to find peace. Even a minute of meditation using visualization techniques can do the trick. If you are heading off a meeting, do this to calm your nerves.

Give Yourself a Squeeze

You may have noticed how cats can go rigid for a second, tightening those muscles before relaxing them. You can try a human version of it too. Try progressive relaxation by tensing and relaxing specific muscle groups such as your head, neck, arms, and shoulders.

Grab a Stress Ball

When we feel stressed we tend to be in a fit of rage more than usual. Nonetheless, what is important is how we deal with our emotions. Though it is tempting to just smack your hated co-worker on the face, or flip your office table, the safest (and cheaper) way to deal with your anger is to squeeze a stress ball.

Zen and Zone Out

When you feel suffocated in your office cubicle, take time to find a spot that is calming. If there are trees around your office building, consider sitting beneath one while you are on your break. If that is not possible, a cozy sweater, a tiny plant, or an aromatic cup of your favorite tea could do the trick.

Get Some Sunlight

No, you are not a plant but you also need sunlight to thrive. Getting enough dose of Vitamin D helps fight off depression, stress, and other mental health concerns. If you have wide windows, take advantage of natural light while working. You may also opt to spend some time out while you are on your coffee break.

Sweat It Out

Workout or any physical activity is proven to relieve stress and boost one’s immune system. Furthermore, you do not need some specialized gear to exercise. There are plenty of free workout videos you can find online that will help you stretch those muscles even when you are on your desk at work.

Try Aromatherapy

Another way to relax is by indulging in essential oils. Just a few drops of some frankincense, lavender, or mint into your diffuser could do the trick. You may also look for a soothing scent of medicinal CBD oil for sale online and rub it into your hands and inhale. A nice scent helps stimulate receptors that regulate emotions.

Cuddle With a Furry Friend

Tired from work? Then look forward to coming home to your four-legged best friend. Pets are proven not only to boost self-esteem but also alleviate any negative emotions and mental health concerns. Physicians even recommend getting a pet for faster recovery.

Living in perpetual stress is not good. That said, try out these helpful tips to break away from all the negativities.

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