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Best Ways To Use A Hair Dryer

The use of the hairdryer is the easiest way to either get your hair dry or get it damaged. Using the blow dryer the right way will get your hair dry in a couple of minutes and restore the natural glow. On the other hand, the wrong use of the hairdryer can easily damage your hair scalp. Therefore, if you will ever make use of the blow dryer for your hair, you must learn the right way to use it.

Your hair is made of protein, and excessive heat from the hairdryer can lead to its denaturation leading to a change in hair texture. For those with curly hair, it can also affect the natural flow of their hair. However, leaving your hair wet for an extended period is also a bad idea. The only solution is to find a balance when using your hairdryer.

Before you begin using a hairdryer, consider investing in heat protection creams and sprays. They can help protect your hair from over-heating during drying.

Choose the correct hair dryer for your hair

Drying your hair with a hairdryer begins with selecting the right one. The ideal hairdryer should be one with separate controls for the heat and the blow-speed. Separate controls will help ensure that your hair does not over-dry. It enables you to turn down the temperature gradually as your hair dries up. Focusing the hairdryer at a particular spot with high heat is harmful to the hair.

Invest in a flow diffuser

The hairdryer diffuser serves two purposes:

  •         Neutralize the heat coming from the blow dryer
  •         Separate the hair strands for a specific and more precise heating

A Flow diffuser is an essential accessory for the blow dryer. They come in different width sizes, and the bigger the size, the bigger the area of heat distribution on the hair. The blow dryer also reduces the amount of heat that touches the hair. However, utilizing the benefits if the hairdryer and diffuser require some critical tips.

Divide your hair into smaller segments

Segmenting your hair into smaller portions will not only help you have better control over the drying, but it will also improve drying speed. This tip is particularly useful if you have full hair. Using a hairbrush, gather small portions of your hair starting from the back.

Using a round brush is better since it allows you to wrap the hair around the brush. With the hair wrapped around the brush, pull the brush gently to keep the segmented hair stretched. Do not apply too much pressure when doing this to avoid damaging the hair. Over-stretching the hair will cause it to either break or lose its texture.

Aim at the segments beginning from the base

Set your blow dryer to medium or low heat and never high to avoid over-drying. Begin drying the segment starting from the base. As you dry the hair, keep brushing the hair downward to help maintain the smoothness and glossy nature of your hair.

If you’re using a diffuser, simply attach your diffuser to the hairdryer nozzle. Using your second hand, hold up a good mass of hair, and point the dryer towards it. Tilt your neck in the opposite direction to provide excellent clearance for proper drying of the hair roots. Some diffusers have prongs, which serves the purpose of holding up the hair while you blow-dry. The use of the diffuser will save you the stress of having to hold up the hair with the other hand.

Move the diffuser gently in a circular pattern

Move the hair diffuser slowly in a circular pattern, keeping in mind the direction of your hair strands. The prongs also serve the purpose of massaging the hair scalp when drying your hair. Note that it is not necessary to apply force when heating the hair. Touching the hair while using the diffuser can put your hair at the risk of breaking.

Rounding up with your drying process

When drying your hair, it is vital to check the hair from time to time. Ensure to turn down the heat and flow speed of your dryer as the moisture level drops. It is always best and healthier to leave the hair a bit damp and not completely dry. Note that applying heat to hair that is already dry will cause the loss of the natural oils that give the hair a glossy look. Also, it can cause the hydration water of the hair to dry up, leading to brittle hair.

Use a natural hair moisturizer

Applying an all-natural hair moisturizer after using a hairdryer will help keep your hair nourished and maintain its natural glow.


The hairdryer is not an entirely bad idea, as some stylists suggest. It all depends on how you use it. However, if you are not very comfortable with the hairdryer, you can opt for a better and safer alternative. The hair turban for drying hair is a safe alternative to hair dryers.

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