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Best Boxing Workouts to Try This Summer

6 best workouts to try this summer

It’s summertime and its one of the best seasons to work out and lose weight. In the summertime when the sun is shining the most and your serotonin levels increase you should try boxing. Boxing is a great form of exercise that works your upper, and lower body. It’s a workout that helps you lose weight around your belly fast. It is known that belly fat can be dangerous to have as it carries a lot of toxins that can lead to various types of diseases like type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. This workout helps fight all of that accumulated fat fast and efficiently. Here are some of the best boxing workouts that you can do this summer. 

Why boxing workouts? Boxing has been proven to be a very effective way of losing excess pounds in just 3 weeks. You will see results faster than ever before if done correctly. The key here is proper nutrition, preparation training along with cardiovascular exercises. There really isn’t anything more satisfying than putting on those gloves and hitting a couple of rounds on the gym. Boxing not only workouts your body it also workouts your mind. It lets you release stress from within by challenging yourself physically while keeping an eye on your weight loss goals. Many people find they get better sleep at night after working their muscles into shape each day as well. 

Boxing with a group or a class: If you enjoy working out with other types of like-minded individuals then you will enjoy this setting. You get full use from all sides by having people who appreciate what they want in their fitness training routine too. There could also even come occasions where there might not only be others doing these exercises but there may actually be more than just two participants. So if you feel inclined towards joining any kind of gym/group session during the summer season then go ahead and give them a try.

Heavy bag: For this exercise, you will need to wrap your hands on a pair of thick gloves. You will be using a variety of punches like jabs, hooks crosses, and uppercuts doing every round. Now the hardest part about heavyset bags is learning how to perfect the punches. You will need a lot of practice to build this technique. These types of movements will increase your speed and your stamina ad help you lose weight fast. This drill will help you tone your arms and shoulders. 

Speed bag: This is a classic boxing workout. A speed bag is a ballon that is suspended by a hook and elevated by a rebound platform. By practicing on speed bags over time or by going through the actual ring you can learn tricks such as certain strikes to enhance effectiveness further and thus helping boost both strength and endurance level drastically compared to regular sparring sessions. There aren’t many hazards involved so you won’t necessarily find yourself running after each strike nor getting hurt quite often either. If practiced regularly this exercise will help you tone your arms and shoulders.

Sparring: This technique will not be practice at a lot of fitness centers as it tends to be for more professional boxing gym settings. It also is not an essential technique to lose weight however, we think you shouldn’t underestimate the power of sparring itself. Sparring gives us an opportunity to test our skills against another person’s skill set without taking risks ourselves which makes things much safer overall. Also, because no matter whether someone does well versus yours or vice versa; everyone gets better regardless. Cardio plays an important role, especially when sparring with other people.

Will these boxing workouts get you into shape? Absolutely! All three of these workouts would definitely add up to burn off unwanted calories while keeping you active. Most importantly though, none of these methods require expensive equipment. You can also do the workouts in the comfort of your home. These boxing drills help strengthen your muscles keeping them toned and leaned. They also keep blood flowing throughout your entire system making sure everything runs smoothly. When you combine that with heavyweights added to cardio activities you’ll end up burning off tons of unnecessary calorie points thanks to properly implemented workouts.

Adding boxing drills to your daily exercise routine is essential, especially if you are a beginner to workouts. We strongly recommend trying some of these simple workouts first and later progressing gradually until achieving optimal results based upon how you train. That said this doesn’t mean that people that have advanced or intermediate don’t benefit from this boxing this weight loss drill. It’s a great workout for anyone that wants to get back to the basics or for people that want to lose stubborn belly fat.

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