You were sitting and reading the newspaper. The doorbell rang. And you went up to get the door. And there you have it: a sudden spinning effect, lightheartedness. This is what we call vertigo. It is a known form of disturbance felt and suffered by millions around the world. Even, we have a very famous movie with the name of the disease.


With such a wide-known base, Vertigo researches and developments have been in action in all the prevalent medical fields. Homeopathy, however, remains the most important way to treat this disease. With so many symptoms and causes, an individual approach makes Homeopathy a good option.


  • What is it exactly?


This is perhaps the most important question that we should know before we take any decision. Vertigo is a cumulative term for many symptoms. It is, actually, not a disease. Simply put, if you have Vertigo, you are most probably having many imbalances in your bodily functions. Those functions are manifesting themselves with the sensation of Vertigo.


  • Then, what are the causes?


Now that we know that Vertigo is a symptom of something else, let’s look at the symptoms themselves. Vertigo is experienced as dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, etc. Almost all the symptoms are related to the balance of the human body. Our bodily balance is maintained by the vestibular system, situated in our inner ears. If there is any trouble, we experience Vertigo.


Vestibular nerves, brainstems, the posterior parts of the brain – the balance is maintained by a smooth functioning among these parts in general. These parts being very delicate, a little can make a lot worse. Vertigo is known to be the cause of the faulty vestibular system. However, we are yet to know if there is any other reason that causes Vertigo.


  • Other causes


Some external actions and events can also cause an imbalance within the vestibular system. Excessive alcohol consumption is a major reason in this regard.


Head injury and trauma can also cause Vertigo.


A migraine and some cardiovascular irregularities can manifest the symptoms of dizziness and nausea. Stress is known to trigger vertigo attacks as well.


  • Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo: a cause we should know


Most patients suffering from Vertigo are diagnosed with this symptom: they feel the dizziness when they move suddenly. This is a classic occurrence of vestibular system malfunctioning. This is also the most common form of Vertigo.


  • Types of Vertigo


Vertigo is, basically, how we perceive movement around us. Based on this criterion, we have two major forms:


  1. a) Subjective vertigo: when we feel our body is moving with respect to the surrounding.


  1. b) Objective vertigo: when we feel that the surrounding with respect to our body is moving.


Symptoms of dizziness from moving and bending head and dizziness from moving and shaking the head very fast will have two different treatments from Homeopathy. This is because, unlike other methods, Homeopathy tries to uncover the exact source of the trouble. That is why with.


Homeopathy, Vertigo is completely curable, the underlying problems being targeted and treated with.