The incredible role performed by seizure service dogs

seizure service dogs

Do you know anyone who is suffering from epilepsy? Epilepsy is a disorder in which nerve cell activity is disrupted within the brain which causes a blackout or seizure.

Epilepsy is a disorder which restrains the person to live their life to the fullest and it has a deep impact of a person’s psychology.

Seizure service dogs are incredible animals who helps the patient suffering from Epilepsy in many different ways. These dogs are trained to identify the seizure and take precautionary measures for the person to prevent any physical damage.

seizure service dogs

Here is how these seizure service dogs help the person suffering from Epilepsy.

Some reports have suggested that these seizure service dogs can be trained to detect the seizure before it occurs, early detection can help the person in opting for a safer place. Although early detection can be inconsistent (depending on the dogs), so dogs are also trained to do other things to help their owner. Some of the preventive roles these canines have to offer are:

  • They get in between their owned and the floor to cushion their owner from hitting the ground.
  • These dogs can also be trained to activate the alert mechanism that can bring help to their owner.
  • They can call and notify other people for help through barking.
  • Bringing the medicine and cell phone to the owner is also a part of the training.
  • A seizure can last for 5 to 30 minutes, these canines are trained to cuddle and comfort the owner while they are experiencing a seizure.

seizure service dogsMany dogs can be trained for the seizure detection but not all, just like any other job, seizure detection involved a different level of temperament that differs according to dog’s breed. These dogs should be calm, gentle, and very well trained in basic obedience.

Seizure dogs can’t replace human supervision but they can be a great companion of someone who experiences this disorder. Dogs don’t go to the office, so a person can have 24 hours supervision.