Supporting a terminal patient – this is your time to shine

When dealing with a terminally ill person, this is your time to show support. It’s never easy especially if this person is a close family member. Emotions tend to get in the way. And this might make the sick person lose all hope.

How to offer support in this time of need.

The devastating diagnosis is something no one hopes for. It’s usually sudden. And it can cripple even the strongest of us. You need to offer all the support and encouragement that this close family member or friend needs. And if its a spouse, its even harder. But here are some tips when caring for the terminally ill

You need to be strong for them:

encouraging sick person

Trying to be strong knowing that you have limited time with a loved one isn’t an easy task. But its something that has to be done. Offer encouraging words. They might seem useless but at times they help. Don’t start wailing in front of them. If you have to cry, leave the room.

This is your time to distract them

Much as the constant treatment offers a constant reminder that their time is almost up, try distracting them with stories of the fun goofy times you experienced together. With the doctor’s approval, remove them from that “sickness” environment and let them have a little fun. Dance with them. Arrange simple spa treatments.

Let them live their final days with no regret

bucket list

The thing with such diagnosis is you never know the exact day you will die. Instead of sitting around waiting for it, this is your time to shoe this person how to LIVE. What is it that they have been dying to do? If they still have strength in them, encourage them to go for it. Let them write a bucket list and do what can possibly be done.