Sinusitis is caused due to infection, autoimmune issues or allergy. Sinusitis is caused when the flow of mucus gets stopped so it leads to the growth of bacteria. The opening of sinus can be blocked by inflammation of contiguous tissues in common cold, high fever, allergies and cigarette smoking. The bacterial growth can block sinus openings i.e. nasal polyps and with the use of nasal sprays. Some particular drugs can thicken the mucus secretions.

Normally sore throat, headache, fever, cough, aggravation of pain over the upper jaw on bending head forward, or chewing or coughing are the main symptoms of sinusitis disease. While the sensation of heaviness everywhere on the face, nasal discharge, and oozing of purulent discharge into the throat leading to a cough are some other symptoms of sinusitis disease. Normally the nasal discharge which is whitish in color is non-infectious and is the allergic sinusitis.

Diagnosis of sinusitis disease is normally based on patient history and some physical examination. With a special individualist approach towards treating a sinusoidal disease, few tests can be recommended such as X-Ray, CT scans, and MRI Scan. If the homeopathic treatment is taken at the initial stages, it becomes easier to treat the patient with sinusitis disease without causing any side effects on the body. The homeopathic treatment will control the disease process and help to cure.