Parkinson’s Disease

Life will seem incomplete without the sense of smell, touch, movement, etc, in all lack of role of senses in your body will make your life lifeless and without any feeling. This is not your insensitivity or psychology; you are suffering from Paralytic Agitans or popularly known as Parkinson’s disease.


PD is a chronic disease which means that your brain stops receiving any signals or messages from your sensory organs and therefore, the stage of interpretation does not take place. It is caused due to lack of production of a chemical named as dopamine by the brain. When you start noticing the changes in you like, unable to smell things or swallow food or inability to move your body parts, less facial expressions or speaking up in a very low voice, this would mean that you are suffering from PD. In the later stage of disease, one can get crippled or disabled.


You may have to face the trauma that you are suffering from this chronic disease. But, to fight with this disease, you need to have strong willpower and consult a good neurologist or expert of this field whom you trust and have faith in. If you have recognized the problem at the starting age then, you can also treat it with homeopathic treatment which is gradual but very effective.