It is a disease which can be defined as the loss in the density of bones in one’s body. This causes loss of strength which leads to weakening of bones. This disease generally leads to a compressible bone like a sponge. The disorder of the skeleton as a result of this disease causes frequent breaks or fractures in the bones. The fracture comes in the form of collapsing or cracking. Bone fractures are commonly found in the areas like hips, spine, wrist, and ribs. The disease is commonly found in women after menopause. This type is called as postmenopausal osteoporosis. The disease can also develop in men and in anyone with particular chronic diseases and hormonal disorders.


The disease emerges because of the imbalance between the old bone restoration and new bone formation. The important causes for this disease include lack of certain hormones, sedentary lifestyle, age (commonly found in women more than 60 years), a disease like a thyroid, and drugs like corticosteroids, diet poor in vitamin D and calcium and personal history. The important symptoms include dull pain in muscles or bones in the initial stages, pain with tenderness, stooped posture and more.


Diagnosis is done on the basis of patient’s history, and tests such as X-ray, and DXA (Dexa scan).  Homeopathic treatment can be opted to get effective results in treating the disease.