Osteoarthritis which is also known as degenerative arthritis creates pains in joints of the human body. This disease can be said as a group of mechanical difficulties or abnormalities that finally result in the functional or structural failure of one or more of the joints. This disease can affect the working of entire joints along with underlying bone, nearby muscles, ligaments, joint cover, and joint lining. Unlike other types of arthritis, this disease does not affect the functions of other parts of the body.


The important causes of the diseases are classified into two types – primary and secondary. Primary cause states the disease a degenerative disorder but not caused by aging. Secondary causes include obesity, diabetes, heredity, inflammatory joint diseases, diabetes, neuropathic and other including nutrition problems. The common symptoms of the disease include swelling, pain, stiffness, redness, and tenderness. Bone enlargement can be found in fingertips called Heberden’s node, knees (weight-bearing joints), hip joints, neck, and back. Progressive osteoarthritis can result in joint deformities.


Diagnosing of the disease can be done by physical examination, history as well as by tests including MRI, X-Ray, Blood test and CT scan. Homeopathic medicines and treatment can help you in the fast recovery from the problems.