Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is caused due to demyelination, a problem that is caused by the human brain and spinal cord. Some of the common symptoms are visual and oculomotor problems, weakness, urinary dysfunction, and spasticity. It destroys the nerve axons cells that are present in brain and spinal cord. It can cause lots of inflammation, and sometimes pain.


As compared to men, women are more at risk to suffer from this problem. Usually, it affects people whose age group range from 20 to 50 years. The problem is mainly caused due to Myelin sheath, a membrane that covers the central system. It is disrupted and causes a delay in transmission to the nerve cells. It mainly happens due to a weak immune system. In this situation, the information from the central nervous system (CNS) doesn’t get transferred.


Some of the problems that cause this issue are smoking, improper diet, vaccinations, stress, and others. It is also caused due to viral infectious reasons like herpes and retrovirus. Some of the symptoms are neurological symptoms, which can cause the loss of sensitivity and sometimes cause numbness. There are different ways to diagnose the problem and MRI scan is one of them. Your doctor might recommend the best homeopathy way to cure this disorder.