Hepatitis C

This is also a form of the hepatitis disease and generally targets the liver. The name is given so as it is caused by the hepatitis c viruses. The main problem with the disease is that it generally doesn’t have any prominent symptoms. It can affect the liver severely and can lead to cancer and cirrhosis. Like any other types it is not fatal but since the effects are long term it can lead to liver failure or gastric varices which lead to death.


This disease is not communicable and only gets transferred when there is a blood to blood linkage formed. Processes like tattooing, using infected needles, transfusion and intravenous drug use are the most common sources of acquiring this disease.


Medications are prescribed to those who acquire this disease. However, in the later stages, it is tough and a patient might need a liver transplant. Unfortunately, even after a liver transplant, the virus may persist and till date, no vaccine has been invented to fight against it. In 80 % cases, the patient gets cured. About 130-200 million people approximately have been hit by this disease. Hepatitis c virus only affects human beings and chimpanzees. You can go for homeopathy treatment which is making progress.