Gout is a chronic and progressive disease. It is a medical condition in which there are severe and acute attacks of inflammatory arthritis. Gout occurs in one or multiple joints and the pain can be quite severe. The cause of painful gouty arthritis attack is uric-acid-crystal deposits in the tissues of the joints. Genetics, lifestyle, and certain medical conditions are considered to be the main factors that trigger gout attacks. The lifestyle factors like obesity, physical trauma, excess alcohol consumption, starvation, and dehydration are considered to be enticing gout. Metabolic syndrome, hemolytic anemia, renal failure, Psoriasis, solid organ transplant and lead exposure etc are certain medical conditions that contribute towards the occurrence of gout.


The primary symptoms of gout are the sudden appearance of red, hot and swollen joints and pain in the joints. Sometimes the people feel the fever due to a severe gout attack. The painful attacks often diminish automatically without any medications. The attacks usually subside in few hours but sometimes the attacks may continue for weeks.


X rays, blood tests and joint aspirations etc are used to diagnose gout attacks. The joint pain, redness of joint and fever can be easily relieved by homeopathic treatment. Also, the prevention of gout attacks and reversal of disease process are not at all a difficult task for homeopathic medications.