Very few of us are alien to the abdomen pain or bloating. Most of us think it’s a passing thing while some of us go through a lot of stomach trouble.

The curious thing here is that most of the time we are unaware of the fact that all those serious stomach troubles all had the same beginning: the mild bloating or pain.

With a little knowledge about the symptoms of Gastritis, we can treat the disease and save ourselves from future ailments, which lead to fatal conditions. Let’s begin here:

  • Our body and balance

Healthy functioning of our body depends on the perfect balance of acid and alkali, water, enzymes and other essential components. A slight difference between the perfect balance and your body will have an adverse system.

  • Membrane basics

Most of the internal organs in our body have a special lining; we call it the mucous membrane. The cells of the membrane help in the absorption and secretion of various elements. The healthy functioning of our body depends upon the proper absorption and secretion.

  • The Gastric membrane

The gastric mucosa or the stomach inner lining has many glands and pits. The pyloric glands produce various acids, which help in digestion and other activities. When this acid secretion is prevented or the lining is eroded damaging these glands, the natural workflow is interrupted.

  • Gastritis, an umbrella term

As the gastric mucosa can be damaged due to many reasons, Gastritis has many causes. It is actually an umbrella term for many diseases and symptoms. Therefore, it is logical that the treatment should be individualistic and targeted.

  • One disease, many causes

A variety of elements and functions and environmental factors affect the proper operations of the mucous membrane. Some of the most common causes are:

a) Uncontrolled alcohol consumption – affects the regular functions of the liver and the acid-base balance in the digestive tract.

b) Stress – this sets off a series of hormonal and enzymatic functions to fight against the negative effects.

c) Helicobacter Pylori – these bacteria live in colonies on the gastric mucosa. Their activities affect the regular absorption and secretion operations. This is one of the most common reasons for the disease.

d) Pernicious anemia, bile reflux, various infections, excessive intake of Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs also cause Gastritis.

  • The symptoms

The symptoms are also diverse with this disease. Bloating, vomiting, upper abdominal pain, and blood in the stool are common give ways that an individual is suffering from some degree of the disease.

  • The types

Gastritis has many types: erosive and non-erosive, inflammatory, non-inflammatory and acute and chronic are some of the most common divisions of the disease.

  • Homeopathy: the smart answer to Gastritis

Painkillers are often the reason why we develop Gastritis. That means what gives you relief from pain causes more pain. Again, think about it for a moment: Gastritis can develop from causes as varied as stress to bacterial activities. That means a proper attention to patient-wise disease history and lifestyle pointers are important to treat the disease. Homeopathic treatment is based on individualistically focused analyses. That is why for lasting relief and non-destructive healthcare, Homeopathy is a prominent option.