A ganglion is a kind of swelling or cyst of a joint or tendon. This swelling looks like a sac. It is formed by the tissue known as synovium. This tissue in normal circumstances produces lubricating fluid but when the tendon or joints are affected by any trauma, there appears ganglion. Sometimes, the ganglion is also the sign of arthritis. Ganglions are formed on any joints but they are more commonly found on the wrist and ankle joints. They are sometimes painless and very often they are hardly visible as swelling. Some ganglion cysts do cause pains but most ganglions are painless and the people are not worried about it. But if it causes pain, the pain becomes constant and it becomes difficult to move the joints.


The exact cause of ganglion is still unknown but it is believed that when the joints are affected by any trauma and the tissues of the joints are broken, the cysts are formed. Sometimes the cyst may be bigger and also there may be several small cysts.


A ganglion may automatically rupture and vanish but very often it becomes necessary to treat by removing the ganglion fluid by needle or surgery. But as the homeopathic treatment has proved its efficacy in treating ganglion, the people prefer to resort to homeopathic medicines