Fissure-in-Ano or anal fissure is the tear or crack in the skin at the opening of the anal or anal canal. Anal fissure affects both men and women equally and in infancy, it is one of the most common causes of rectal bleeding. It causes pain during the bowel movement and often the pain is very severe. An anal fissure can be easily healed by home-treatment but if the anal fissure does not get well by six weeks, it is considered to be chronic anal fissure and it becomes necessary to get proper treatment. Anal fissure does not lead to any fatal conditions but it may cause severe damage and other infections if it becomes chronic and left untreated.


The main cause of anal fissure is the injury to the anal canal. The injury may occur while large stool stretches the anal canal beyond its capacity. Sometimes the people suffer from constipation and they pass the hard stool forcefully and this can injure the anal canal. Also, the repeated diarrhea causes crack or tear in the anal canal. Childbirth (in case of women), and inflammatory bowel also can cause an anal fissure.


Symptoms of pain, bleeding, and burning etc can be successfully relieved by homeopathic treatment. The homeopathic medicines can easily cure anal fissure fully but it is necessary to consult the well-qualified professionals.