The term eczema denotes the inflammatory condition of the skin. Eczema refers to any type of dermatitis but not all types of dermatitis are necessarily eczematous. The most common types of eczemas are atopic eczema, contact dermatitis, xerotic eczema and seborrhoeic dermatitis. Whichever parts of the skin are affected by eczema, it is always itchy. Sometimes the rash or redness appears before the itching starts.

There is no fixed place for eczema to appear but most commonly the rash appears on the face, wrists, hands, back of knees, or feet etc.Though the precise causes of eczema are yet to be discovered; the solvents, lotions, harsh soaps and detergents, rough wool clothing, rubbing, plastic or occlusive rubber gloves, staphylococcal bacteria, and sweating etc are considered to be some common triggers of atopic dermatitis. Intense itching, skin lesions, dryness of skin, tenderness, rashes, bumps or clear fluid filled bumps and painful cracks etc are some common symptoms of eczema.

Homoeopathy in the first places relieves the symptoms like itching, dryness of skin, skin lesions, and tenderness and removes the marks and scars.  The constitutional medicines of homeopathy not only control dermatitis but also reverse the disease process that is underlying.