Depression is a psychological condition where the patient has a low state of mood and has aversion to activity. The people suffering from depression feel sad, hopeless, worthless, helpless, irritable, guilty, and restless. Chronic and unending sadness and dullness, obsessions, mood swings, instability when feeling down, feeling of being empty, changes in sleeping patterns, concentration problems, appetite or weight changes, loss of interest, and loss of energy etc are some common symptoms of depression.


Various biological, psychological and social factors are responsible for causing depression. In biological causes, certain chemicals or neurotransmitters, genetic and hormonal imbalances are considered to be catalyzing depression. Psychological causes include personality or attitude and coping strategies with different events in life. Separation, death, divorce and such events impact the life very severely and there are chances that the people fall victim to a psychological breakdown. The breakup or disturbances in a social and interpersonal relationship also push the people into depression. Again, the lack of psychological or emotional support may make a person feel depressed.


Depression is quite a complicated condition. Unlike many other diseases, its causes, scope, and degree of severity vary unpredictably. But homeopathy has an excellent and proven record of treating the different cases of depression and with its individualistic approach to patients, it performs wonders.