What is meant by chronic renal failure?

picture of a kidney experiencing chronic renal failure

A condition where the kidney is affected by chronic kidney disease abbreviated as CKD is known as chronic renal failure. This happens as a result of loss of renal function, which tends to progress over a period of years or even months.

Causes of chronic renal failure

The common causes associated with the chronic kidney disease are diabetes nephrotheraphy, glomerulonephritis and hypertension.

Signs and symptoms of chronic renal failure

Some of the symptoms that tend to develop when the function of the kidney has worsened over time are abnormal dark and light skin, pain in the bone, sleeping problems, swelling of the feet and the hands, breathing problems, symptoms of the brain and the nervous system, which include drowsiness, confusion or even numbness in the hands or feet, odor of the breath, bleeding in the stool.

Diagnosis of chronic renal failure

The levels of the creatinine may be normal during the initial stages, but the condition is discovered through urine analysis when it shows loss of protein or RBC in the urine. So as to examine the cause of the kidney damage, there are many blood tests, which are performed along with renal biopsy tests.


Remedy for chronic renal failure

One of the most excellent remedies, when it comes to chronic renal failure, is the homoeopathic remedy. There are several remedies that can be preferred, but since all of us are in need of treatment with no side effects, the homoeopathic remedy is always considered the best.

It does wonders when it comes to thwarting a large number of cases from progressing. The cost of this treatment is also very affordable when some people cannot afford the high cost of dialysis and transplant.

This treatment, which uses medicines, will be stopped after a time period of 2 to 5 years based on the severity of the disease. This mode of treatment does not provide any substitute for kidney, but it can revive any damaged organ.

The kidney of the patient also begins to show remarkable rate of improvement as soon as this treatment is sought after, helping them withdraw from dialysis. It helps the patient stimulate the immune system by performing totally normal functions.

Thus, the damaged kidneys will function normally in due course of time. Besides that, this treatment not only repairs the damaged kidneys, but also helps in maintaining the blood sugar level, which is very essential. A good selected medicine in homeopathy can also put an end to the damage of the diseased organ helping it to revive. Moreover, when the kidney starts functioning normally, the biochemistry automatically becomes very normal in a natural way.

The medicines used help in relieving symptoms like nausea, loss of appetite, fever, bone pain, lethargy, abdominal bloating, belching and many more. It also helps prevent the rise in the creatinine and the urea level in the blood. This can also help prevent complications, as a result, preventing the progress of the disease. Thus, the kidneys are revived helping them get back their lost function in a very effective manner. To know more, you can consult an expert by taking an appointment.