In today’s world of pollution, Bronchitis has become a household name. Age and gender is no barrier, this disease is troubling to all of us, with varying degrees. The symptoms vary, the duration differs, what does not differ is that burning sensation when we breathe or a constant cough and runny nose. Surely, Bronchitis is a disease, which defines living in the modern, smog covered world.

Fortunately, the widespread nature of the disease has given it prominence in the world of research and developments. Advanced studies have revealed the causes and remedies of the disease to a great extent. Though we can probably never run away from the harms of this disease, we can surely opt for a complete cure for it.

• What is Bronchitis?

When we feel a burning feeling as we breathe or we suffer from a cough for more than a month, the doctor might say that we are suffering from Bronchitis. There are two major kinds of the disease:

a) Acute Bronchitis – this generally lasts less than three weeks.

b) Chronic Bronchitis – this generally lasts more than three weeks and can go up to more than a year.

The causes, however for both the types are similar.

• The cause

When we inhale or intake elements that harm the balance of the body’s natural system, our body reacts to restore the balance or homeostasis. In this case, the entry of irritants through inhaling causes the disease. Smokes of different kinds, chemical fumes, tobacco or shisha are some of the most common irritants that give rise to a full-blown war within our body. Special white bold cells are produced to fight and expel these harmful elements from the system.

A cough, which is a defining symptom of any kind of Bronchitis, is basically the white blood cell remnants residing within the lung. This whole chain of reaction is caused mainly by viruses. Sometimes, bacterial growth within the lungs also causes Bronchitis.

• The symptoms

Both types – Acute and Chronic Bronchitis, have similar symptoms – cough, runny nose, chest pain, shortness of breath, and breathing troubles to name the most common. In case of the Chronic Bronchitis, smoking cigarettes is a major cause.

• The remedy

Homeopathy will never only cure a cough. Rather the treatment will diagnose the real problem: the viral or the bacterial infection. The guiding philosophy of the system being the restoration of homeostasis, Homeopathy treats every patient as a unique case and formulates the individualistic treatment regime.

As we have come to understand, Bronchitis starts as a viral or bacterial infection, Homeopathic treatment will start from the immune system. As every individual has a different make-up, the treatment consists of a detailed patient case history and study.

The dosage of medicine will focus on strengthening the immune system so that Bronchitis does not have a chance to come back and attack again. The chest pain, the clogged breathing passage, and the cough will be targeted and a complete cure is thus reached at.

However, the most important aspect of the treatment is that it does not produce any side effects.