The myths about lung cancer that everyone needs to understand

Trust the facts, not the myths

There are many lung cancer myths that circulate around, but many of them need to be debunked, because they are plainly not true. Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers around, and plenty of studies have been held for its causes and treatment. If you are a lung cancer patient or survivor, please keep in mind that rumors and myths can only make your mood worse! Keep yourself informed with facts, and don’t trust the rest of the internet for anything.

doctor explaining an xray

The myths that surround lung cancer.

City Smog increases the chance for lung cancer

It is true that the smog of a city is not a healthy atmosphere to be in, but the fact that it is blamed for many of the lung cancer incidents it does not do it justice. In comparison with smoking, the smog of the city contributes to a tiny fraction. The danger of pollution in a city is far less than the danger of smoking.

“Don’t perform a surgery because the cancer will spread!”

This is not true. Especially when it comes to solution for the cancer, if found at early stages of it, it can help in stopping the disease from spreading.

Lung Cancer means that everything ends

Lung cancer has its rate of fear. Many people, though, treat the disease as something treatable! Having the mindset that this certain type of cancer is something that can be treated and lessen the symptoms of helps the patient cope with the disease in the best way possible. Even if there is no cure for cancer, the treatment of it has helped many people extend their life and live a better life because of the treatment.

lung cancer survivor

There are ways you can lessen the risk of lung cancer

Many people say that there is no way you can lessen the risk of getting lung cancer, and they stop trying to reduce the risk. We know that’s just an excuse to not stop smoking. Of course there are ways to reduce the risk of getting lung cancer. The first step is to stop smoking today!

Don’t listen to the myths but listen to the facts!

If you have any questions for myths about lung cancer, the best thing to do is get off the internet and ask a real doctor about it!