What is Asthma?

Asthma means panting or labored breathing, which is a condition that is characterized by wheezing, which is mainly expiratory. So in simple terms, it can be said that Asthma is the difficulty in breathing.

Causes of Asthma:

There are many causes associated with asthma. The different causes of Asthma are:

Allergic causes, which could be extrinsic, that is, it starts right from the childhood and is generally developed in the adults below the age of 35.

Genetic factors can also be one of the main reasons for asthma, which leads to the production of immunoglobulin.

Another cause could be due to infective or intrinsic nature of the allergy, which is not hereditary. This is, generally, caused due to the infection in the upper respiratory tract, which has contacted some infection, which is basically viral.

Psychological factors could also be a major cause of Asthma. This could include emotional stress, anxiety, etc. However, it is never the sole cause of Asthma as it could be a precipitating factor.

Occupational asthma is another type of asthma where the cause of asthma is due to the exposure to metallic dust and chemicals that are present in the industries. These chemicals could be toxic by nature.

Signs and Symptoms of Asthma:

When the symptoms of asthma are not recognized in the early stages, it could lead to paroxysm where the bronchi could be plugged due to excessive mucus. Some of the signs and symptoms may include recurrent paroxysmal dyspnoea, which means excess difficulty in breathing. There may be a wheezing sound during expiration where the breathing is much labored. The attacks of Asthma usually take place during the early morning, which is not a precipitating cause.

How is Asthma Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of Asthma is done by an experienced and professional doctor. A series of tests are conducted, which include allergen sensitivity tests, spirometry tests, X-Ray, sputum and blood tests. These tests may help the doctors find the severity and cause of the condition.

How is Asthma Treated?

There are many treatment approaches when it comes to the treatment of Asthma. But at the end of the day, it is important to choose the right mode of treatment that does not have any side effects and can treat the person as a whole. One such treatment mode is the homeopathy mode of treatment, which is considered to be very effective and reliable. This treatment focuses on the patient as a person along with his pathological condition. The required medicines are, then, prescribed by the doctor that will help the patient get complete benefit from the problem before it aggravates.The medicines prescribed are also very safe for the patient to take, and are prescribed on the basis of the medical history of the patient. Therefore, it can be said that homeopathy is the only treatment that aims to provide a complete cure rather than focusing on the relief, and also, focuses more on the vital organs that are involved with asthma. Therefore, it is the recommended mode of treatment.