Asthma in Children

child with asthma using inhaler

Children suffering from asthmatic problems at a tender age can be hurting for not just the child, but also for the parents who have to see their child suffer every time they play outside. Not all children share the same symptoms for asthma and may require clinical intervention to diagnose the condition. If you see your child goes through bouts of coughing spells, which occur mostly while playing or at night or while they are crying, you should not ignore this warning sign. Here are some common symptoms that your child is likely to go through if he is suffering from asthma.

• Getting tired too quickly while playing, especially breathlessness
• A chronic coughing spell
• Rapid and intermittent breathing
• When your child complains of pain or tightness in the chest
• Wheezing or whistling sounds when breathing
• Retractions or see saw motion in the chest due to labored breathing
• Loss of breath
• Lethargic or feeling or tiredness

Asthma has become surprisingly common in children these days due to quality of breathing air. It is possible that this disease can begin at any age. Your child will show first symptoms of asthma at age of 5 years. Since the babies in their 1st year of life are susceptible to wheezing, it should not be mistaken for asthma. This happens due to small air passages, and as they enlarge, the wheezing stops. However, it is also important to not overlook the condition of your child as it has a tendency to culminate into a chronic disease. Many factors can lead to the development of asthma in a child. Some common causes are:

• Genetic tendency is one of the major causes of asthma in kids. If your family has a history of low tolerance to allergies, then your child is likely to contract the disease too.
• Irritants in the atmosphere like smoke, pollution, weather change and strong smells can also trigger asthma.
• Allergens present in the internal atmosphere of the house like animal dirt, dust mites, pollen, mold, etc.

Asthma has been defined as an incurable condition. However, homeopathy has been very helpful in treating asthmatic patients by providing them a long term relief.  These medicines have shown remarkable results when it comes to curing children suffering from asthmatic conditions. In the advanced cases, the patients have noticed substantial improvement in their condition after being treated by homeopathy.

It is especially helpful for children who are heavily dependent on inhalers and other medications that can have a strong impact on their health in the long run. In this case, homeopathy does wonders by fighting the precipitating factors. Your regular homeopathy treatment will also cure other related issues like poor tolerance for a change in climate, frequent colds and other ailments are also effectively treated during the course of the treatment.

While homeopathy is reliable and offers a long term solution to the condition, it is very important to only trust only a name like DRSS Healthcare Center, which has years of expertise in curing asthma patients. If you want your children to be in safe hands, don’t believe in anyone but the best.