The disease of anxiety is very much psychological rather than physical. Excessive and exaggerated feelings of nervousness, fear, apprehension, worries etc are its chief characteristics. The people suffering from anxiety illogically and unnecessarily worry in such a way that their life goes haywire and to a great extent they appear to be quite abnormal. Anxiety may have been induced by some real-life situations but the patients behave in an unrealistic manner where a normal person sees no any real reason for anxiety.

The cause of anxiety is attributed to the genetics, brain chemistry, and environmental factors etc. Sometimes there may be a single or few reasons but it becomes quite difficult to know the real reason for anxiety. There could be a host of factors responsible for causing anxiety and treatment then becomes an inscrutable task but homeopathic treatment explores all the possibilities of treating different diseases and anxiety is not an exception.

Excessive and ongoing worry and tension, unrealistic view of problems, restlessness, muscle tension, headache, nausea, excessive and uncommon sweating and trembling etc are some common symptoms of anxiety. The degree of anxiety varies from person to person. Again, different situations entice anxiety in different persons and therefore the study and analysis of the life-history become very pivotal in treating the person suffering from anxiety.