Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is known as the slow and chronic brain disease that impairs the memory of the mind whereby the reasoning, planning, language and perception abilities debilitate. Though, Alzheimer is not the normal part of aging; the people after the age of sixty are substantially affected by it. It is a condition of forgetfulness or dementia where the people suffering from Alzheimer are unable to acquire new memories and often find it difficult to recall even the recently observed facts. It is a progressive disease and the intensity of it escalates with the passage of time if left untreated.

The symptoms of Alzheimer are classified into pre-dementia, early stage, moderate stage and advanced stage. The precise cause of Alzheimer is still unknown. According to the most believed theory of ‘amyloid cascade hypothesis’, the Alzheimer is caused by the production of a small protein fragment called Abeta in the brain.

A complete history, medical examination, imaging studies like CT scan, MRI and PET scan etc are used to diagnose Alzheimer disease. After the close scrutiny and analysis of the different aspects of the patients, the homeopathy treatment uses various drugs to relieve the Alzheimer symptoms and control the progress of Alzheimer disease. The duration of treatment varies as per the stage and the extent of the disease.