Alopecia areata is a condition of hair loss which usually affects the scalp. It may also affect the other parts of the body but the scalp remains its chief target. It is also called spot baldness as it causes bald spots on the scalp and especially in the primary stages. Both male and female are affected by Alopecia areata but the pattern of hair loss is different in both genders.

Except for the positive family history, no special cause of Alopecia areata has been discovered yet. However, in recent years; the evidence suggests that it is caused by the abnormal immune system. But the exact cause of it remains still vague. The treatment is based very much on the patterns of hair loss and other associated symptoms.

The small soft and bald patches which are usually round in shape are known as its identifiable symptoms. The characteristics of Alopecia areata are diagnosed by using a hand lens and identifying the exclamation point hair. Sometimes, the biopsy of the scalp is also done to diagnose the disease. In some patients, the hair loss condition is spontaneously resolved without treatment within a certain period of time but sometimes hair loss is permanent and in such cases, the homeopathic drugs are strongly recommended to get rid of the complexities.