An abnormal reaction by the immune system of a person against a normal and harmless substance is known as allergy. The substances causing allergies are called allergens which include molds, pollens, animal dander, dust mites, foods, venoms, and medications etc. When an allergic person’s immune system is exposed to such allergens, the allergic person makes antibodies against allergens. Why some people develop allergies and some not is still unknown.

In some cases, the allergy appears to be hereditary and the family members share allergies to certain specific medications and foods.Depending on the types of allergens, there are different forms of allergies like a food allergy, drug allergy, mold allergy, pet allergy, rhinitis, sinusitis and skin allergies etc. The symptoms of allergy also depend upon the forms of allergies.

If the allergen is a food item, it will affect the mouth, stomach, and intestines etc. Similarly, if the allergen is the air your breath, the symptoms appear on eyes, nose, and lung etc. There are different ways to treat allergic conditions but the homeopathy is different and more successful than other treatments as it treats the allergic conditions through its special individualistic approach. Different allergens affect different persons and therefore homeopathy treats the patients after in-depth study and analysis of different aspects of the individual patients.