Acne is an inflammatory skin disease which is quite common in the people between the age of ten and forty.

The congested pores or condones, whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, pustules or cysts are all indication of acne. Usually, these blemishes appear on face, chest and back etc where there are more sebaceous or oil glands.Acne develops when the blockages occur in the follicles. When the sebaceous or oil glands are blocked by the cells near the surface of the skin, the sebaceous remains inside the skin and a buildup of oil glands start the complications of acne. The bacteria in the skin are stimulated by this oil and they cause inflammation to the surrounding skin.

The blockage in the follicles occurs due to various factors and therefore the approach of homeopathy towards the treatment of acne is very individualistic. Only after in-depth study of the different aspects of the individual patients, any specific method of treatment is adopted. Unlike other methods of treatment, Homeopathy treats acne from both inside and out. Relieving the symptoms like itching, skin lesions, dryness of skin, tenderness homeopathy treats acne in a very systematic way and also it removes scars and marks caused by acne.